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Dustoff Rallysport

Driver: Paul Trussell,
Co-Driver: Brian Carriere, BC
Vehicle: 2005 Subaru Outback
Experience: Expert
One time coworkers responsible for getting each other into and out of very challenging situations, slowly turned from a wild idea over beers one night (the first "team meeting" of many) into a what-have-we-gotten-ourselves-into running of the the Alcan 5000 winter rally. Once we realized we could tolerate each other for extended periods of time in a car, and also not get ourselves killed on rallies, we decided to put a more aggressive focus into TSD. Now wanting to get somewhat more serious, We've run a few races over the last year and a half and have a massive amount to learn still, super keen and excited, looking to have many a war story and experiences as we continue, eventually looking at a possibility of stage rally.

(photo credit to Maj Photography)