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Big White Winter Rally Media Signup

Online Signup Form

If you bookmark this page (with the token) you will be able to update your signup at a later date.

Media Accrediation

If you are attending the Big White Winter Rally as a journalist, photographer, or videographer and are looking for accreditation for access to the stages, we require you to complete the form below and submit it to the organisers for approval.

Personal Details

The information collected here will be used for official purposes of the event only and will not be passed on to third parties.

If someone wants to contact you about buying or using some of your images or video, may we pass on your contact information?
Covering Rallysport can be dangerous. Please give us your emergency contact information for the weekend as well as any important medical information in case you are incapacitated and are unable to tell us yourself.

Assignment Details

What sort of assignment are you on at the Big White Winter Rally
Have you covered Rally Events before?
Have you covered CRC events before?
Have you covered the Big White Winter Rally before?
Do you understand how to keep yourself safe while at the event?
Covering Rally brings some special safety concerns with it. If you are not familiar with these risks we will take the time to explain them so you understand how minimize the risks.

All media are requested to watch the Rally Media Safety video

Do you understand that your accreditation can be revolked at any time by an event official?
We require that you follow the instructions of all event officials. If you are asked to move, or change what you are doing, you must follow those directions or your accreditation will be pulled, and you will be asked to leave the event.
Failure to follow the directions of a course car could result in a stage being delayed or cancelled.

Other Details

Will you have a Ham radio with you at the event?
If the Big White Winter Rally wants to use some of your pictures to promote the event, what sort of arrangement can we make?
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If you bookmark this page (with the token) you will be able to update your signup at a later date.